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Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get some help and guidance as I am pretty new when it comes to hm fashpoints and operations. My toon is an assassin tank, and I am looking to play a tank role, or even an off tank. My heroic experience thus far is limited to Black Talon and Boarding Party (i know pretty pathetic). I was able to tank those with worse gear than I have now as my main questions are about gearing up.

Most of my playtime has been spent in WZs since I hit level 50. My gear is comprised of war hero survivor (chest, legs, hands, feet, mainhand and shield, and both relics). The rest is Battlemaster survivor gear and currently I only have the war hero pieces augmented with redoubt 18/defense and 12/power. I'm looking at about 21000 HP with bountyhunter buff and fortitude stim.

AR/6039, damage red./37.87, def.chance/27.26, shield/40.05+15 w/drk ward, absorb/43.96.

Would it be feasible to look for PvE gear to replace my Battlemaster pieces and throw augments on them, I'm thinking the same redoubt augmentations I have been using. Should I also focus more on building defense up more? My war hero relics are useless as they give power any sugestions for what to substitute for those? Any tips on gear would be great. I'm willing to invest at least a mil credits into it.

Also where should I jump back into PvE? I'm not wanting to start at Flashpoints that, well, generally speaking are beneath the level of my gear. Of course I don't want to bite more than I can chew, either; wiping isn't good for the nerves especially when it's your own fault. I'm not a bad tank: I can pick up technique pretty quick and I understand all these fights can be found on youtube.

My primary reasons for doing this are more credits, I do enjoy a good boss fight, and I do want better gear.
So please go ahead and lay into me, any help or tips I would appreciate. Thanks.
I edited your post for clarity.

You can probably start doing Operations in Battlemaster gear, if you can find a group that's willing to carry you. Start picking up blackhole comms, as they allow for effective min-maxing with current BiS mods and armoring. Picking up the storymode operations and the daily HM flashpoint through the LFG finder is profitable and nets you 45 BH comms a week, if you're diligent.

You'll want to switch into PvE gear eventually, but for a while the Battlemaster is going to be best. Consider whether the PvE or PvP set bonuses are more useful to your playstyle.

PvPers tend to make excellent PvEers. Best of luck.
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