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Consequence of pugging. When your team has 3-5 guys in recruit gear and are facing war hero opponents. Yea. Good luck. When your lowbie team is facing a premade group of 40-49's and the highest level on your team is 33. Yea. Good luck. I had a level 50 sentinel on my team the other day, full warzone and was active the whole game (i.e. not defending) .... 67k damage. Full warzone. Joined a huttball game this morning that had just started, watched my teammates literally throw it to the other team every time they got the ball, except for a guardian who threw me the ball as soon as he picked it up... I was next to him healing him. Another guy says he's going afk, sits at the spawn area in stealth. Vote to kick doesn't work or is apparently as hard as passing the ball. It's so hilariously pathetic at times that all you can do is laugh.