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I absolutely love these threads. What is gonna happen if they don't... your gonna unsub? Then you will be right where you are right now but without the raiding, without the unlimited PVP wz's, and without numerous other unlimited things... cry me a river. You say "no raider/patrician is going to put up with such nonsense". I'm sorry but they do constantly not only here but with other games. Many other games including WoW for example has had no new content for well over the 3 month mark that we have here. Yes, they have put up with it there, and they will put up with here here also.
I think you're misunderstanding the tone that I'm using here. I'm not complaining. I'm just speculating a bit over what's happening with the game now. While it is true that we might deal with having a tier for months on end, it comes down to how sustainable any given tier is. Sure, WoW's latest raid is a be... staid by now, but it has a variety of encounters, difficulty levels, and other challenges to keep one's attention.

Also, as a matter of fact, I'm letting my sub lapse out because BW apparently has no plans for new content. Maybe I'll go to TSW, maybe I'll head back to Azeroth. Who knows?
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