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To protest a lack of end game content, you are going to play either WoW, which has had the same 7 bosses for 10 months (only two of which are actually new bosses, and even the environment of the raid is reused), or GW2 which had zero endgame.

Well played.
Because of SWTOR beta, early release, etc Dragon Soul Heroic is new content to me because I quit WoW entirely for this. Another expansion will be released with tons of new content in 1 month's time for WoW. New levels, race, class, dungeons, raids. From my understanding there is 15 or so bosses in release for end game.

GW2 will be something fun and supposedly the pvp is really good. All I am saying is the community/dev team lacked severely in communication for the last 3 months surrounding NiM and TfB and we still do not have any estimated time of release and nothing on the PTS.

I am not alone, just go ask the several other guilds that quit as a whole and are moving on to other games, or older games. SWTOR had potential. Lots of it. The storylines were great, but once you hit 50 it became a stalemate within little to do in recent months except level alts over and over. Servers died, they merged servers. Now Denova lags incredibly that you need to force yourself into new instances just to get a reprieve from the lag on certain fights that easily cause wipes.

Guilds are crumbling, even with the influx of populations initially with the merges. It is because people are unsubbing at a drastic rate. The game itself is GOOD. But the lack of content and communication is killing it for alot of people and it is unfortunate.
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