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To protest a lack of end game content, you are going to play either WoW, which has had the same 7 bosses for 10 months (only two of which are actually new bosses, and even the environment of the raid is reused)
Going back to WoW at this point means preparing for the launch of Mists, so it's reasonable to see people heading back there given the timeframe of that release.

Basically WoW is six weeks away from unleashing Mists of Pandaria, which has a staggering amount of stuff to do. There are 14 raid bosses and 2 world bosses. 5-man dungeons have achievements to work on as well as challenge modes. They've added mini-games in the form of pet battles and farming. There are reps to work on with a bunch of different dailies. New battlegrounds, etc, etc,

I know Bioware has enough to worry about already, but they really need to work not only on getting more Operations content, but they also need to give players more stuff to do when they aren't raiding. Our guild is essentially a wasteland on off nights, because there is nothing for anyone to do in game when not raiding.

They need achievements for Flashpoints to give us something fun to do and breathe new life into running them. They need mini games like pazaak or swoop racing or rancor fighting or something! They need to introduce stuff to collect, more daily hubs, maybe interesting reps to grind, etc. Basically we just need more to do.
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