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If that's the case, it's unforgivable. This will mean that there will be people saving their points each month to get what they want while the Devs will also be expecting people to buy the extra points they want.
Um..isn't that the point? If there is something on the Cartel Market you want and your a free player you can send some real money, maybe a little more than a months sub, and get it. While if your a subscriber you can either save up your stipend or you can also send some money right away and get whatever it is right away.

So long as what is on the Cartel Market does not give people an unfair advantage I simply don't see the problem. Especially if the money from the Cartel Market allows the Dev's to produce the content we the players want.

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I just wish we'd get some sort of response from a Dev or maybe some more information posted out there. They've given the bad news before they've given us the good. People will leave the game before they've even seen how good the new content will or will not be.
Hopefully this weeks Q&A will give us plenty of answers.

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The biggest issue isn't what the free people get, it is what will EA do with the cash shop and how required to compete (especially for those of us on PvP servers) will items be. If they are strictly convenience items, that isn't a big deal, it is when they cross that line (to increase revenue) that it becomes a problem. When paying a monthly sub doesn't allow you the chance (not guarantee you the right of access, but even the chance) to get any item in the game (ie, you have to spend above and beyond the monthly fee) to get access to items/gear/etc to compete, it becomes a problem. When they start putting things on the cash shop that should belong to crafters or quests, you start to have a problem.

To this date, I've not seen a single F2P (aka Pay to Win) game that hasn't crossed this line at some point and to some degree. I've been through two of these hybrid games (LotRO and EQ2) and the resulting game after the change sucked compared to the start of the change (cash shop constantly in your face, all but forcing you to buy things to play the game, etc). I simply fear (since no info has been released on this part of this change yet) that this will be the case, because at this point, I do not trust a game developer (especially EA) to get this right.
See that I get, and even agree with. It's the people who harp on the F2Player's, simply because they play for free, that I don't get and that irritate me. As for games that have made the transition, the only other one I have played is STO. Up until recently I think they have done a good job with their C-Store, only recently has something come up that has made me question.