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08.09.2012 , 12:52 PM | #1028
I think its a matter of preferance, commitment to a game that matters most.
There are a variety of must haves,casual,hardcore,competative pvp'rs,the co-op casuals and hard core,guilds.
I dont care all that much and not really dependant on swtor as my only gameing entertainment
I'de say im casual so free to play might fit my preferance.
time alotted to game and what im in the mood to play in my library is most important.
Yes I pre-ordered , was here at launch and paid my sub for 7 months.
There are no real specifics on the free to play model.
I think level 50 free play is fair
Some of the free play limitations for free play seem fair.
And access to all class story lines is fair especialy if you pre-ordered,were there at launch and subscribed since the beggining and paid for the game as a whole from the start.
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