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As much as I'd love to hear something more specific about it - if they are to reveal any info regarding Nightmare EC or Terror, it will likely be revealed in the Gamescom:

"EA Press Conference: Fans and Press should expect to hear some exciting new details about the future of The Old Republic during the presentation on Tuesday, August 14.

Community Meet & Greet: If youíre in Cologne, why not come by for drinks and lively conversation with the development team? Apply for an invitation here! The Meet & Greet is scheduled for 8pm on Thursday, August 16 at a secret location. We look forward to seeing some of you there, but even if you canít make the show, we hope youíll be following closely online to hear about some of the new announcements and reveals we have planned."

So I can't see the community team telling us anything new, since if the Devs are ready to share anything, GamesCom is likely to be the place where they'll share that info.
But they might hint on this thread that we should pay attention to GamesCom, which would be something a little more concrete than "soon". I've read too many times that they're going to increase their communication, yet this is the one subject they need to increase communication on more than anything.
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