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08.09.2012 , 12:34 PM | #1024
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1) Has there been a month noted as the release for the F2P addition?
To the best of my knowledge F2P will happen in November, but I don't have any official source on it.

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2) I'm confused at to what lvl F2P will be, is it 15 or 50?
F2P will be all the way up to level 50, the trial which is out right now is only to level 15.

There's certainly a lot of wild speculation and assumptions going on in here, not that there is a whole lot of information to go on at the moment.

Something I don't get, what's the big deal about F2P being able to get to level 50? Personally if they limited how far I could progress in the story would make me not to want to even bother, it would be like watching a movie and then halfway though having to spend more money to see the end of it.

Another thing I just don't get is some peoples attitude toward the freebie's, like their some sort of blight on the game. The big 'fear' is what, that some will be asinine in general chat? Not sure how to break it to ya, but there already are asinine people in general chat, in this thread too for that matter.

The simple fact of the matter is that this game IS going F2P, nothing anyone says here will stop that.