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08.09.2012 , 12:21 PM | #1
So, I was thinking, which is often a bad thing to do... I have a lvl50 in BM and probably just over 50% WH now, and I have lvl 40 also, both repub on Fatman. I've declined to join a guild so far, and I mostly pug. In the lvl 50 bracket, it sure seems like a lot, maybe most, of my WZ games are a blow out. Either we are crushing them, or they are crushing us, without there being much hope of turning it around. It's rare, maybe very rare, that I feel like I'm in a game that could go either way. Sub-50 WZ are leaning that way, but less so. Does that seem right? Is that a consequence of pugging? Or just the way it is for everyone?