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08.09.2012 , 11:41 AM | #1023
The majority of replies in this thread are ridiculously uninformed and filled with angsty rage. It's laughable.

Please before you complain about something, learn about it. There are a few official sources (what F2P players will have access to, etc., ). Opinionated arguments based on wild speculation will just make people think you are an idiot.

Asking for Dev input on incorrect things you state as fact is not the way to get a response. And saying that they developers have no community involvement is just silly. The Community Q&As are great and miles above many other companies. Every week I read something that makes me believe the communities concerns are being heard. You just have to remember that not every harebrained idea is going to be implemented just because you think it should.

Complaining about free players being able to level to 50 and not some lower number will be of little consequence later this year when level caps are set to increase.

Saying X happened in Y game when it went F2P has no bearing here when its not even the same type or scale of game.

100+ pages of mostly garbage makes my head hurt. Personally I'm excited about F2P prospect because it means that some of my friends that have stopped playing will come back (at least for a while) to see what's changed.

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