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I'll pass on the "super easy FP, really" from guys obviously doing it with largely overgeared characters.

Lost Island is in no way super easy. But it can be completed. And (unlike ops) it has no lockout. So if you are capable of completing it, and it dropped lots of Rakata you could run it over and over and over again and twink out your character.

If Lost Island were changed to drop lots of Rakata, it would need to be on a one-week lockout.

Quote: Originally Posted by JMCH View Post
Trust me, he's not full of high endurance stuff and he regularly does HM ops.

I'm sure this is incorrect.

For comparison, I have a Commando dps in 90% black hole / campaign and close to best in slot with well-optimized armoring, mods and enhancements. I've got a 35% crit, 75% surge and 989-1265 mainhand damage on my stat sheet. My last parse on an ops dummy was 1707.

That said, I have about 20k health. I could easily re-mod to 24k health, but then my dps would drop off dramatically.

My guess is the sniper is using Patron armoring instead of Skill armoring and has a lot of lettered mods. Re-optimizing their gear could probably net around 200 dps more than they're currently getting.