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Care to share your methods for soloing the mission? I beat the bodyguard to get the key (by using the same method I used on Raxxus), but in the final room I couldn't solo 3 strongs and an elite - I kited them around a while but they eventually wore me down. And I think there's another wave of strongs and normals after that before getting to the champion. Feel free to send me a private message if you want.

I like having the option to solo even if it's time-consuming for the times I can't find a group.
Hi, i do solo this quest and it's pretty fast.
I'm full DPS Lethality, companion is Lokin.
1. stealth to npc that drops the key -> orbital strike, interrupt it's flammable grenade and just DPS it down
2. in the last room:
there is middle platform (displaying that big holo), that you can hop on using the console in front (hop onto console, from console onto platform)
the fight has 3 stages:
1st wave (gold + 3x strong): i stand where they spawn, cast Orbital strike on me + pop Evasion + Shield probe then: debilitate+shiv gold, corrosive grenade, grenade, corrosive dart on gold + cull. By this time i have to start run toward the middle platform (i use flashbang to slow them down - even though my dots will brake it soon)
I hop onto platform - there you can LOS - but not for long time, or the 1st wave disappear and you have to start over ... i just LOS there, pew-pew gold until he dies (have to cast few heals), strong are finished with CG + grenade ... what ever

2nd wave:
i keep standing on platform, keep aggro from Lokin, using orbital strike + CG + G

3rd wave:
boss - easiest part, i just stand there, DPS boss, Lokin heals me (using evasion+shield probe whenever i can), if any trouble arises, just run few times around platform ...

Doing it first time, i died 5 times, now i just dont die (unless doing some stupid mistake, like missing keyboard button and press other spec or something - this actually happens, because i'm already bored with this quest because it's routine ... ) :-)