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I roll with the BH (not quite War Hero yet, PvP is always a grind to me) Power relic and the Rakata clicky Power Relic (I might grind out the Campaign one, but my Sent is now just my alt seeing as how back in April BW decided that they were going to require two tanks for current content) and my dps has pretty much sky-rocketed over the Proc relic. I'm parsing 1450 dps right now on the fleet dummy with all the server lag in 11/14 rakata gear, Chest and Implants are my only BH gear, and that's not even augmented or properly itemized. As compared to the barely 1300 I'd get with the proc relic.

This is in Combat spec btw.
Not trying to be snarky, but a 150 DPS swing from a single relic seems implausible. How many tests did you do? What is the standard deviation of the two DPS values you measured?

The DPS of the proc relics is pretty easy to measure/estimate. Also, the proc relics benefit from your critical chance and critical multiplier, but not from weapon or bonus damage. It appears that some are force and some are tech, although the item itself doesn't indicate this. Based on the proc chance, ICD and my average rate of attacks, the Rakata (168 tooltip) internal damage relic adds about 30 DPS for me. The corresponding Campaign relic would add about 33 DPS. With my current gear (almost full BH, with one Campaign hilt), this is about +2.2 or 2.5%, respectively.

The static +Power PvP relics are also pretty easy to analyze. The Recruit (+93) adds about +1.9%. The BM (+103) adds about +2.1%, the WH (+113) adds about 2.3%, and the +123 (not sure if in-game - I don't PvP) adds about 2.5%. These numbers are based on the exact damage formulas for each ability, and the relative damage done by each ability in my parses on the training dummy.

Using the same method, the stats of the Matrix Cube add about 2.0%.

The clicky is a bit more complicated, since you can control it. Worst case is to use it on cooldown, which means +310 Power (+6.3% with my gear) 1/6 of the time, or +1.1% on average for a very long fight. It is hard to see how selective use could more than double its relative benefit, although depending on the length of the fight, the uptime could be more than 1/6 (e.g. in a fight that lasts 2m20s, it is up 28.6% of the time, for a 1.8% overall damage increase; in a 5m fight, it is up 20% of the time, for a 1.3% overall damage increase, etc). Situationally, a large increase in damage for a short period of time may be more valuable than a constant increase, even if the constant increase is larger over the whole fight (which is why clickies have been banished from PvP...)

In summary, the difference between the various relics for overall average DPS appears practically negligible, and an 11.5% increase in DPS by changing from one to another seems hard to credit.
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