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Trust me, he's not full of high endurance stuff and he regularly does HM ops. It was a surprise for me too, but after seeing a lvl 49 sniper with 18500hp while wearing maxed primary stat stuff (and the wrong augments) I think it's not gimped at all. (edit : and btw, I now have a little more than 20k hp mostly in augmented WH with 4 secondary augmented BH pieces, Campaign will increase this at a rate of 150hp a moddable piece at least, discounting mods/enhancements only available in a certain high endurance balance - A has higher endurance than blank -, if not simply more efficient)

What is, though, is the merc's "passive heal" ability, compared to the other healers, which means we have to rely on single target cast heal (16-25% of our resource, the latter being reduced after the former has been used, but the former is on a 6s cd) alot.
A 24k Sniper has done a terrible job of min/maxing and is geared incorrectly for their role. (DPS) They are losing out on a TON of DPS by stacking so much endurance.

I parsed an operation healing with a Sorc. healer with 24K health, my Sorc having closer to 20k and min/maxed to the moon, and I out healed them by a solid 20% over the course of the run.

With very few exceptions, Campaign gear is NOT an upgrade to BH gear. If you pick-choose the mods/enhan from each BH piece and use only what is BiS, you will have much better stats vs. vanilla Campaign gear.
(i.e. the sorc DPS in my guild all bought 6-7 of the BH Striker Boots and used those mods/enhancements in their gear to achieve "proper" BiS min/maxed stats)

Campaign gear is itemized poorly, just like Rakata was before it. It has the same basic number of stats as BH gear, but focuses on Endurance over tertiary stats which for most (all) classes are the more important of the two.
(even for tanks. stacking raw health vs. defensive stats is a poor choice)

RE: Merc healers and LI... My guild has a Merc healer that got so bored with healing in LI that he has started taking almost all his gear off to heal it. He has @ 9.5k Health during the run and does not have a problem what so ever healing the run. I am fairly sure he has healed Lost Island using mostly the auto attack heal that Merc healers have.

Our best time currently is 22min.

Once you have a tank that can interrupt every Incinerate and not get a single tick, and DPS that are PROPERLY min/maxed in gear and push out some seriously solid numbers, Lost Island is trivial.