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Just did a GF 4 man and low and behold its still bugged. Opening all the flash-points and not rewarding 5 bh tokens.

Have seen in another thread that a guy said CS told him this is working as intended. So what he is saying is, if you run the Flash-point with your friends, you are not eligible for the reward. LOL..

So basically the GF tool is to cater to people that don't want to do group content with a group of friends, but for soloists that Bioware think should be rewarded for playing an MMO solo...

Lets be fair, this should be the complete opposite way round, MMOs and End Game content are about Team work and GROUPS, namely groups of FRIENDS...

If this is the case then i propose that any Guild Group gets 8 BH tokens for a daily, unless of course rewarding solo play in an MMO is how things are now...

If you want to solo, fine, noone is taking that away from you, but teamwork, strategy and tactics are what count in MMOs, MMOs are designed for teams, more importantly, teams of friends, and if you want to run through the game on your own then fine, take the lesser reward for it.
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