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08.09.2012 , 06:04 AM | #1
....I'm a new L50 and still getting my head around a few things - if I use the group finder for a flashpoint, it will (eventually) bring up the window for three random people and myself to form a PUG and start a flashpoint.

The flashpoint will always 'belong' to one of the other players (i.e. it's their story or phase or whatever ( can't remember what it's called - the yellow gold box in the top center will have their name on it).

So presumably they've flagged they need a group for an FP and the game has went looking for 3 other players for them? How do I do that?

The game says to start a group you either do it manually (via the chat window or standing by the entrance to the FP and trying to recruit players stood around) but there must be another way and starting the flashpoint by myself doesn't seem to give me a chance to say "game! find me three players please!".

Any ideas?

Yeah, I know, noob - flame away.