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After waiting for some time, the Mandos broke through the vent and gunned down the guards in the Diplomat meeting room. They set to work with the charges, hiding them under tables, in lamps, and every nook and cranny they could find and make sure it was hidden. With the charges set, the squad headed towards the security center.

Climbing through the airduct, the snipers took out the security officers in the room. The Mandalorians dropped in and killed the guards as well. The two slicers sat down and got to work. Hacking in to the security camera system, they linked the cameras in the diplomat meeting room to Sorrann's datapad, as well as wiring the detonator for the charges to the datapad as well. Then, the commandos evacuated.

They made it safely to the Mando forward command post set up in an abandoned street-level apartment. However, half the squad was shot down in the firefights. With Skorr and Sorrann still up, however, it would have been called a successful mission. Sorrann activated the communicator in the room and the image of the True Mandalorians' leader appeared. "Report" the Mando said. Sorrann saluted and spoke. "Half the squad fell, sir. However we did disable the cooling unit, set the charges, and take over the security system. Overall, minus the casualties, it was a successful mission." The leader nodded. "Await further orders. Until then, enjoy the underworld of Coruscant. However, use street clothes if your going out. We don't want any Republic soldiers finding out about our mission." Sorrann nodded and the channel closed.
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