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08.09.2012 , 12:42 AM | #1015
I warned of this the moment there was a hint of F2P and i was shot down by a protest that it was only free trial haha
i was right after all.

Initially what seems now to be a definite separation between subscribers getting all and F2P player being limited etc, however like many games before, as the F2P experiment gains popularity that line will quickly get thinner due to major expansion into micro transactions and loss of subs to F2P and BW resorting to easing off restrictions.

Not to mention there will come a time where even subscribers are going to have to pay more than their sub in order to have everything and be competitive with each other.

Those who defend BW due to being self proclaimed SW fans, that's what BW have put all their chips on that you will blindly follow them into the abyss with this project all in the name of George Lucas and the SW's Universe. Eventually even you people will realize turning something into a turd with SW's branding on it aint going to cut the buck, but if not well that's your choice no one can make it for you.
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