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08.08.2012 , 11:50 PM | #14
This is not a bug, it is working as intended. They want you to run all the Flashpoints at once. [/sarcasm]

Customer Service has told many of us that the Group Finder tool is not to be used for full groups, that you are supposed to join it and run these instances with random people. This is their response to any problem that is discovered while running FPs or Ops when joining with a full group. Of course many of us run them with full groups on a daily basis, but if someone gets dropped from server.. or if any little thing happens for that matter.. there is a good chance that someone in the group will not get their rewards. Then the response from CS is a dice roll, as some people in the group will get those rewards forwarded to them, while other in that same group will be told " it is working as intended." from another agent.

I am starting to wonder if the Customer Support system has any interaction with the Dev team at all. When tickets were created months ago about not being able to add alts( or people off line) to friends list, they say it is working as intended.. When someone asks a member of the Dev team in person at a conference, they had no idea it was happening, and it was fixed within weeks.

Same with these incredible lag spikes that are still randomly hitting the entire server at once.. "It is a client side issue, not the servers" .. uh huh.