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I play on Terentatek
Terentatek were creatures which fed off the blood of Force-sensitives, and inhabited caves and tombs strong with the dark side of the Force. Several guarded the entrance to a section of Naga Sadow's tomb.

Terentatek resembled rancors, except they had a number of spines growing from their backs and a pair of flaps, or tusk-like projections attached to their mouths. They also had massive claws (four to a hand). The tusks and claws of a terentatek were highly venomous. It was theorized that they were once rancors, subjected to mutations by the Sith. When the dark side was weak in the galaxy, terentateks could hibernate and remain dormant for many years, only to return when the dark side was strong again.

Picture of one below-

One of the coolest server names imo