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08.08.2012 , 10:09 PM | #1009
I think its a sign that subscription MMO's are dieing.
Its a sign that mmo players will never be pleased, It's impossable to meet mmo players expectations.
If you create an subscription mmo in 2013 you will fail.
GW1's 2004 model, buy your core game play for free online...Create a new stand alone game with same model with same core design.the fans will buy the next game (not expansion but a stand alone game (with new classes) that you can travel with between both games with the core game charactors if you choose or with a new class you made in the next installment)

Or the new model swtor is trying a subscription model for those that absolutely must have everything.
Or the player hits level 50 and chooses to subscribe because they really like it and want the full experience.
Those of us who purchased the game at launch who dont need everything....and are commited to other games in their library, the free to play is fine by me.Then I will play when i FEEL like it, not because I'm subscribed.

I think people are tired of paying subscriptions , expect far too much when the pay a subscription to the extent that its too costly to try and please all the nutcases that expect far too much for their money.
WoW will feel this soon, people will finaly say,Sorry you cannot create enough content fast enough and perfect enough according to my personal expectations.
It is the gamer who has created an impossable task for game developers,they cannot keep up with all those chirping beaks sqwAuking and sqWuaking SqWauking like baby birds in a nest that will never have their appetite nuetralized.
There was no coffee, and to survive you had to sift through the hair on your girlfriend's back for lice as a source of nutrition ...If she waxed her back you'de die