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08.08.2012 , 10:08 PM | #1
I'm interested in developing my Melee DPS. I primarily PVE but I do dabble in PVP (not ranked just pugs).
I was wondering which is more "satisfying". I've played to about lvl 30 with DPS Guardian and it just feels dry (basic rotation that kind of 1 size fits all it feels like, I don't have to think hard on me feet).
That said I'm not looking for the most complex rotation in the world; the middle ground...if that makes sense.
Additionally take into account which is more desirable for groups (maybe not necessarily what is the most "leet"ist just what provides both high damage and maybe some utility.

Anyone who can provide insight into how either play is greatly appreciated. (Whichever I don't do for Republic I'll probably do for Sith side anyway)
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