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The way I see it is, that these cartel coins are basically how other games use a rewards system for free to play. Plenty of other games have gone free to play, and they wouldn't be doing this if the game wasn't in some trouble. So it is a slight change, and it may effect the quality a little, but it is to save the game that we quite obvious all enjoy to play or we wouldn't be paying monthly for it. Comparing SWTOR to LOTRO, when LOTRO went free to play it virtually saved the game and LOTRO is currently doing very well. I think free to play is going to really help SWTOR. For all you people doubting that, all you are doing is hearing rumors and believing story's over the fact's.
this is a very level headed rebuttal. especially the portion in bold. i think, however, that subbers still have the right to be upset about that "little effect on quality" because the product they have already paid for has not delivered the promises and expectations that have already been paid for. the game-as-it-is does not, in it's current state, even live up to launch promises, so we have been paying for half a year to play less than we paid for, only to beta test a product so that people can come and play it for free.

that's what i'm most ticked about, regarding F2P. Other than that, I am okay with F2P because I do not want to continue paying a subscription fee for static content. It is similar to subscribing to National Geographic and getting the same issue for 3 months in a row. And I don't mean quartly issues, I mean the same issue for three months before a new one comes out and all that has changed is the cover photo, advertisements, and "letter from the editor."

wouldn't you cancel your sub too? as an informed consumer, isn't that your responsibility?
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello of EA
When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging.
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