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The strike team hurried through the underground streets of Coruscant. Sorrann stayed ahead of the group, a fully-armed Mandalorian recon squad, with his blaster drawn. He turned the corner and shot both the guards standing at the underworld entrance to the Republic's ambassadorial building. The mission was simple; get in, kill the emissary, and get out. Sorrann knew this would be tough, and the Mandalorians willing to sacrifice their lives to do this... most of them would perish. The slicer in the group, Ako, opened the airduct and the swuad climbed in, Sorrann still leading them.

The Mandalorians crawled through the vent until they reached the building's cooling unit room. The jumped out of the vent. Two snipers were positioned in the airduct still, incase anything went wrong. The Mandalorians shot down the guards and secured the room. The demomen set charges on the central cooling unit. The other leader of the squad, Skorr, stepped up and examined the work. "It's about to get a little hot in here. Activate your armor-cooling systems!" he ordered. The charges detonated and the building rumbled. The strike squad climbed back into the vents and moved to the room where the Mandalorian ambassador was. They sat in the vent and waited for their quarry.
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