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It had been a long day for Rafeesh. He had been working in an abandoned warehouse, working on a new power source for the mandalorians. He was glad that the planet the Mandalorians were based on was unknown to both the Republic and the Empire. Even though Rafeesh was working with and for the Mandalorians, he was not sure if the Republic would let them join. His fear was that the Republic would reject their offers and begin attacking them. He was now returning to his house, which was quite nicely sized compared to what most of the men got.

He was also going to report to Mandalore on his findings. He had gotten closer to finding a power source, but he had also found some weaknesses in some of the Empire's power cores, which they could use against them. The Mandalorians had to use the technology they had, which was mostly Imperial, because they were originally been with the Empire.

He had heard that the diplomats going to the Republic had begun their trip to Coruscant. He hoped the battle ships, that Mandalore had sent with the diplomats, would be enough to defend the ship in the case of an attack.
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