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Welcome to MMO communities, where your fellow gamers suck the life out of you.

Need is the first set of rolls, if nobody needed it, then greed and dissasemble are thrown together.

Refering to your OP, you were right in your rolls. You needed when you needed something, you greeded when you were greedy, and you disassembled when you wanted the mats. If disassemble were not kosher, it would not be part of the roll system.

As far as the conduct of your group (kicking you for following etiquette) goes, that is subjective and is determined from whatever occured in the FP before that moment. I would not have kicked you unless there were other issues, and definitely not right after killing Malgus (or equivalent) and before the distribution of loot.

Keep needing on stuff your character needs, greeding for companions and greed, and disassembling when you want and your profession supports it.