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How can he still be that clueless about how the loot system works despite it being explained by so many people in this thread?

Quote: Originally Posted by atheosa View Post
from now on, i will only need what is better equipment and just pass on everything else.
Why would you pass?
There is no reason to ever pass anything.
You Need on items that are upgrades to your main character and can greed on everything else.

if the whole group passes, then we will all greed for it.
What are you even talking about?

it seems like this would take more time while playing
Nothing about anything people here have suggested would take any more time. Not even 1 second more time. Not even one billionth of a second.

It takes just as much time to click greed as it takes to click need!!!

If the item is an upgrade that you would wear on the character you are playing you will click need.
Anything else, and you will click greed.
Both of them can be clicked IMMEDIATELY, as soon as you have seen what the item is.
What do you still not understand about it? It has been explained like more than 10 times in this thread already.

The whole reason for a need before greed system to exist is that you people who use it right don't have to wait and see if others will roll for the item before they decide what to do.