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I have no earthly idea why someone would shell out hundreds of dollars just to go see a single trade show booth for a game that costs $15.00 a month, regardless of how much you like the game. That just boggles my mind.

That said, obviously things have changed, and I doubt the people in the marketing department had any control over it whatsoever. When the new numbers came out, they probably went into triage mode and determined that GamesCom 2012 would be a much better opportunity to promote the game than SW Celebration VI.

It is vitally important that you understand your position in relation to this company. They have made no expressed or implied warranties that anything they say is set in stone and that they can be held accountable when dates change or plans change. Their responsibility is to adhere to the Terms of Service and provide you with 30 days of game access for every month's subscription that you purchase.

They owe you nothing more than this, regardless of what you may believe.

Please govern yourselves accordingly in the future. And treat it like gambling. If you're shelling out hundreds of dollars to travel across the country just to see a game company's trade show booth to find out information 2 days ahead of everyone else, my advice is that you make sure that money really isn't necessary elsewhere in your life, and that you are prepared to lose it, or attend the event for some other purpose, if plans change.
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