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08.08.2012 , 02:23 PM | #993
Wow! people were seriously not paying attention when they first caught wind of the F2P thing. They took it so personal too, like everything they don't agree with was bioware trying to be spiteful directly t them or something. honestly though, you guys need to cool off a bit. if you don't think it's worth $15 a month to keep playing after this decision then just go, don't try to drag everyone else with you. true fans of the star wars universe will stay and continue to make sure the game is great. we don't need people who are constantly going to drag us and the developers down. On that note congrats to all the true fans who are willing to stay and continue making the game awesome. I seriously can't help but look forward to getting home from work each night and getting on to meet up with my guild and the fans who do the most contributing to the game in a constructive manner are all to thank for it!