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I said this once and I will say it again.

There is no valid reason this company could ever give this community for skipping Celebration VI. just to remind our so called devs and community managers over there.. There has only been 6 of these. there have only been 6 official star wars conventions since 1977. That is 6 in 35 year. You must have absolutely no idea about Star Wars community if your choosing to skip this. We are not like Trekkies we do not get multiple conventions across the world every year. If you have anything to do with Star Wars and you are not at this then you might as well just end the game now.


This is the gathering where you would hope to get the interest of the star wars fans and bring them back into the fold. the whole game is on the verge of collapsing and your going to choose to skip this. there was a 4 year gap between celebration V. While these look like they may still continue to happen No one has an idea when or if we will even get another one. So the idea that one of the biggest games in franchise history is CHOOSING to take a pass on this event is flabbergasting.
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