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Uh huh. You do realise that we've heard this before, right? Like, the last time you had a "our team has gone through a shakeup" route? Do you remember this?

That was back in May. And in that entire time, you've had even less communication with us. So, we're to believe you now? Too little, too late. You had one job: listen to what we were telling you, then tell the developers, and once the developers gave you an answer, you tell us. You didn't do that. And then you wonder why over one million of your customers went away?

Sorry, mate. But I don't believe you, or anyone at Bioware/EA, anymore. The fact that many of you still have jobs is nothing short of miraculous. Somewhere in the Bioware structure, a major disconnect happened. And yet, we haven't had any announcements of how this disconnect was fixed, or who paid the price for it. You no longer have the confidence of your customers, and it should not have come to this.
QFT. This guy gets it. At a time when the game was already on shaky ground, there was this new hope, when the team came out saying 'we're gonna do things different, we got a new plan, a new team, we gonna tell you all about them and they gonna be here to interact with you loads more than before'


F2p announcement.


'hi guys! we're back! and we got a NEW new plan. we gonna communicate more, tell you about us more, and be here to interact with you!'

wait wot. wasnt that the old new plan? the plan that then went on to deliver even less comms than before?

As the above guy said, sorry mate, but i simply have stopped caring now, so while you may profess to having this grand li'l scheme to communicate with me, i cancelled my sub a minute ago, as GW2 is coming out and i have lost patience with swtor's lack of content, lack of communication and lack of direction other than to nickle and dime me by introducing a cash shop that i highly suspect will make the game pay2win after the first few months to make up for the million subs you lost.

I guess this post also falls into the new ban hammer remit as i havent posted any constructive ways you can improve, but hell, if you need me to tell you how to improve then thats an even bigger problem you got there mate.
Impressiiiiiiiiive......Most impressive.