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I miss the days when websites were places to go to for information and not for advertisements. This problem isn't just here, it is endemic of 21st century internet politics. Even most college websites (as an example) have more information for prospective parents than for enrolled students. It is appalling.

I just want to be able to open a web site, find the information I need, and leave.

The very design/interface of this website does NOT facilitate information, it facilitates advertisements.

If you are sincere about revamping your communications procedures, I would recommend redesigning the web page to put information BEFORE the buy it now button, and not the way it is now. That is to say, I already own the game, and am logged in to my paid account, but I still am bombarded with BUY IT NOW on every page. I don't need to BUY IT NOW, and in three weeks, NO ONE WILL.

Frankly, it feels to me like the developers and community reps are listening to focus groups, marketing tests, and shareholders, not actual feed back from people actually using your product.

Your post reeks of placation and soothing, and has no actual content in it. But thank you for putting your foot forward, best foot or not.
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