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08.08.2012 , 01:12 PM | #7
I can add that we also got this "feature" on The Progenitor. Have runned 3 random HM with same results.
Never gets the BH comms, gets all the HM quests and endless nags about taking the shuttle.

To Bioware:
This is really getting ridiculous. I have stood by this game through all hardships until now, since bug will always be part of a new MMO.... but they should NOT appear after a simple patch. Patches should *remove* bug, not introduce them!
We posted tickets on the same time but still got about 50 numbers between us, meaning that something is making the players hammer the ticketing system. Please.....solve the issues. Pull an allnighter... bring in more people, do anything that can fix the game once and for all, and do it before it is too late.