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I guess I'm of two minds about this.

In my job, I can't afford to not tell my client what they want to know when they ask me for information. I have to have an answer for them. Right, wrong or indifferent. And in this aspect, I can see why some of the people in the community are so upset. The weekly...or biweekly...Q&A's are ok at best. But the questions that get picked do I put this nicely...useless questions? As another poster said earlier, there were eight or more pages of hard hitting questions such as: "When are Paid Transfers coming out now that the Free ones are over?" or "When will SGRA's be put into the game that Bioware promised at launch?". And there were many more great questions about bug fixes et all. People just want answers to the information. Right, wrong or indifferent. They may not be happy with the answers, but they'll at least have them if nothing else.

Now on the other side of the coin, if there is nothing to report, then...there isn't much that can be done. And it sucks, no doubt about it. So why say anything if there's nothing to report? And you feel bad if you have to keep hush hush about something and in turn it torques off the people of the community more because they think you're ignoring them. When in truth, it couldn't be further from the truth.

So on one side, I understand the frustrations of the community. And on the other, I know the turmoils of the people reporting to the community. Sometimes...Customer Service just sucks big time.
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