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Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
As a community team, we are here to help get answers from developers when they are available. Sometimes, we simply don't have new information or the answers to certain things. The weekly developer Q&A is currently the best place to ask questions related to the development of the game. As I mentioned before, we're going to push for more interactions as part of our new plan.
I thought about it some more - and I'd like your help to get answers from developers to my original list, all of which are familiar to anyone reading the boards, none of which have been even remotely referred to in Q&A. Please go to the developers and ask them point blank:

"On the following issues, are you working on this [Yes / No]. If you are working on it, when have you set a deadline for it to be done by [Timeframe / Date / Month]?"

  • New content expectation, HK, v1.4
  • Choosing specific WZs when queuing
  • Server transfers and legacy merges
  • Fixing identified bugs
  • Ilum
  • Dual spec
  • Longer GTN postings
  • Character customizations (both gear and character model)
  • Companion customizations
  • Minigames

Answering Yes or No really should be straightforward - is it on the issues board we once heard so much about or isn't it? If it's on the board, who's working on it and when are they targeting it for? Quite simply, if these questions on these issues cannot be answered with straight responses, then I will have learned all I need to know about the future of this game.