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12.19.2011 , 12:45 PM | #4
I'd like to see an option for linked guilds (allies & adversaries) to be given the choice to participate in a mass transfer to less populated servers for all characters in one of the linked guilds on a certain date with a community notice and a participate in server re-balancing option in the guild leaders guild options panel. That way we as a group could elect to participate in this and let Bioware sort out the numbers themselves based on the bulk of need vs availability that only they have the metrics to determine. In such a case that this was done it should help a lot as many of us did not pick our server. We were assigned to a busy server. My guild is one of those guilds that is linked to nearly 10 other guilds (allies and adversaries) from Anarchy-Online. No one wants to reroll for the simple fact that we started on this server from day 1 and have characters that are considerably high level and invested in to on top of how messy it would be to try to coordinate a 10 guild server swap just to find out it was to another server that will end up being just as busy because we don't know the actual numbers for that server.

but I digress...