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I may be incorrect but yeah I'm quite certain the range originates from where Toth lands, not where Zorn stands. May seem weird, but I'm pretty sure its true.

The reason I believe this is because if the group stands in a normal triangle with the ranged sitting at 30m from Zorn, they sometimes get fearful due to the fact that Toth lands a bit closer, cutting the distance to less than 30m.

There is also another point to consider which is that the debuff originates from the centre of the target (Whether that be Toth as I believe it to be, or Zorn as others believe it to be).
Now the actual bosses target window probably has a diameter of about 6m, meaning when your target frame says hes 27m away, youre 27m away from his edge, and thus about 30m away from his centre. Which in turn kind of explains how some people manage to sit at around 28m (According to their target frame) and never get fearful.

I could be very much wrong, but thats what I feel seems to be happening. It's also the reason why we always just split into two groups, instead of trying to have the ranged sit in the middle, they sit 30m away from Zorn near the walls (forming a sort of 90 degree square-corner triangle). They rarely get fearful, but the downside to this is that they have further to run with the Yellow Circle in HM.
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