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I wanted to take some time to reassure you all that my team, the community team, is still committed to you folks. As part of this commitment, we’re excited to let you know that we have been developing a brand new strategy for our team that focuses on developing new ways to bring you more information about the game and the people involved with SWTOR's development.
Uh huh. You do realise that we've heard this before, right? Like, the last time you had a "our team has gone through a shakeup" route? Do you remember this?

Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
That's a very good question and the truth is that we're aiming for a future in which we have a closer collaboration between you folks, us (the community team), and the development team. I believe that with the new specialty initiative (the one I mention in the blog post), we'll be getting closer to that. Once the infrastructure is set up, the goal is to be more agile in responding to questions and concerns (from the community team POV). As for the game? Well, we're players too so we all have different opinions on this. I love exploring in our game, so I'd personally love to see new planets down the line.
That was back in May. And in that entire time, you've had even less communication with us. So, we're to believe you now? Too little, too late. You had one job: listen to what we were telling you, then tell the developers, and once the developers gave you an answer, you tell us. You didn't do that. And then you wonder why over one million of your customers went away?

Sorry, mate. But I don't believe you, or anyone at Bioware/EA, anymore. The fact that many of you still have jobs is nothing short of miraculous. Somewhere in the Bioware structure, a major disconnect happened. And yet, we haven't had any announcements of how this disconnect was fixed, or who paid the price for it. You no longer have the confidence of your customers, and it should not have come to this.
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