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08.08.2012 , 12:00 PM | #44
My concern right now is EA has an established reputation for not following through on long-term products to realize their potential once profitability and return on investment come into question. As a corporation, they seem to want to expend the minimum resources to hit their diminishing returns markers, and no more.

I worry that the F2P coming out is just a way to try and squeeze the most returns they can from the project before they further re-assign development resources onto the next big release.

And what I am seeing from the community and dev team so far is not very re-assuring. The game and dev team need to be dynamic, and I fear there is too much bureaucracy and not enough support on the back end for innovation and real content in SWToR.

Frankly as to finding ways for the devs to talk to the players- i would rather the devs log in and occasionally test their code. I don't see any benefit to "speaking directly with the devs" and bypassing community relations.

I just feel that EA has a track record of flipping titles and maximizing immediate ROI and I do not have faith in the corporation to back or fund the product beyond their finance department's recommendation- and that includes staying with it long enough to grow it into a mature product.