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not calling for a nerf on the flashpoint, its fine other than the loot in my opinion.

My guild and i finally got through lost island up to the last boss before calling it due to time. and we all realized after downing the first 2 bosses (sentinal droid and the Sav-rak) that the loot in that flashpoint is kinda pointless because we are all already full columi with rakata implants and ear as usual and we didnt benefit from any of the boss fights except for the satisfaction of beating them. yes, i know Lorrick drops the columi mainhand and the rakata chest, but that is still barely an upgrade.

my point: Since Lost island HM is easily the hardest flashpoint out there at this time, it should have better drops than just tionese crystals/comms and the more common of the columi drops (pants, boots). I loved doing this flashpoint, it was alot of fun for my team, but we felt the drops were under par due to the fact the majortiy of everyone that does this FP is in full columi if not better.

Great job BioWare on making a challenging and fun Flashpoint, but could use some better loot.

Thanks for reading, just speakin my thoughts.
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