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As a result of the recent changes (discussed in Joveth’s note), we’ll be enforcing our forum guidelines and Rules of Conduct more strictly than before. If you are being rude, disrespectful, and insulting towards others and are not civil and constructive in your posts, you will find your posting privileges removed more quickly than in the past.

Note that this doesn’t mean we’re going to shut down legitimate criticisms and feedback, but it does mean we will be making an effort to remove members of the community who prove that they do not want to contribute in a constructive way. We encourage you to provide feedback regarding the game (even about things you don’t like!), but we ask that it is detailed, specific, and constructive. Also, while disagreements are fine, insults and rude posts will not be tolerated. We expect community members to respect each other and differing viewpoints.

You may find that threads that are not constructive are removed or closed without warning. Here are some things we consider unconstructive:
  • Long lists of gripes with few specific details and little useful feedback
  • Threads that bash the game or BioWare
  • Threads about quitting the game
  • Callouts towards specific developers
  • "Haters" vs "fanboys" arguments/unconstructive community commentary

We strongly recommend brushing up on the Rules of Conduct, as violations are generally more serious now.

We do need your help, though! If you see someone you think is breaking the rules, please use the "Report Post" feature! The best advice we can give is to report and move on – responding in kind to someone who is breaking the rules only makes flame wars and other disruptive behavior go on longer. If you just can’t agree with someone and feel like they may provoke you into breaking the rules, please use your ignore list. Remember: there are people out there who just want to make you mad and get a rise out of you. Don’t give them what they want!

We appreciate your help and are looking forward to creating a friendly, welcoming community!