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First of all you really should focus on the paying players now, raise the level cap to at least 100 so the people who pay get the most advantages and do they pay for the game and just not the subscription cost or is it just free overall?
I agree a little. In my humble opinion they should definitely have to at least buy the game so that they can play free. As far as raising level cap to 100, I feel they should raise it to 60 within a month or two of releasing the free to play. That gives them the time they need to make worth while content for the people who pay. Also I feel they should NOT allow the F2P player base to take advantage of this increase in level at least until there is yet another increase in level cap. E.g. level cap is 70 or 80, then F2P level cap is 60, etc.
EDIT: I just talked a bit with my wife. We had a good discussion about what can be done about the division that is being caused by this subject. We feel it is a good idea to have some servers set up, even if just 1 per server type, that only allow paying players and the rest be mixed or some such arrangement. Please provide feedback... anyone.

I support your decision Bioware. True fans of The Old Republic universe will continue to pay and support.

For those of you here that are declaring that Bioware has killed the game: You've only made a prediction at this point. I believe that prediction to be poorly founded at best and look forward to seeing this game alive and doing well ten years down the road.
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