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08.08.2012 , 11:21 AM | #37
Dear Joveth Gonzalez,

Is it possible to find out if the PTS server will be reactivated and remain active from here on out? So new patches could be tested. I would goto test server if I could clone my lvl 50 toons to the test server. I would also ask that the denova operation well heck any operation only allow 2 16 man operations or 4 8 man operations per instance.
Last night (aside from the minefield bug in denova which i know you guys know about) There was over 100 people in the first instance of Denova (EC). There were times of 3 to 5 second freezing of everyone in the 16 man group.

Also I want to know if a new instance is a vew virtual server or a completely separate computer/server. Is the creation of these instances dynamic or is it started by human beings?
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