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Really? It's no longer allowed to post a list with things I do not like, unless someone over there judges it as ''specific enough'' or ''useful''?
The intent here is not in any way to silence complaints or criticisms, but to ask that players that have them take the time to be specific, provide details, and be constructive. It's not "long list" that's the problem, it's long lists that don't take the time to be constructive. So, in short, if you take the time to provide thoughtful feedback, you don't have anything to worry about - that's the kind of thing we value.

So Joveth says the Community team will be more active with the Community... And the first taste of that interaction we get, is a "we're going to swing the banhammer faster" post?
One of the most common criticisms we see is that the forums are ugly and that trolling and negativity drive away players who DO want to contribute constructively. We want the forums to be a friendly place to discuss the game, and we want to protect players that want to use them that way. That doesn't mean we want to eliminate negative feedback, but we do want to cut down on the insults, hostility, and other behaviors that sometimes make the forums inhospitable. We want to encourage people to provide us with useful feedback that we can take to the developers. We also want to remove people who are just here to insult others and bash the game for entertainment.