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As a community team, we are here to help get answers from developers when they are available. Sometimes, we simply don't have new information or the answers to certain things. The weekly developer Q&A is currently the best place to ask questions related to the development of the game. As I mentioned before, we're going to push for more interactions as part of our new plan.
So the developers aren't willing to give you information to relay to your customers and by that logic appear equally unwilling to take any feedback from the community.

Doesn't that seem to be a very backward way of ensuring that communication is improved and ultimately the game is going in the right direction. Don't get me wrong if the game wasn't going F2P and EA claiming that it is generally considered a failure ignore away but this may not be a good way to continue. More so the list of concerns are what we need to know, if the greater communication ends up being introductions but you still have no new information on content then it seems to lack any real informaiton.

The weekly Q&A thread is constantly considered a massive disappointment with the only real information being taunt mechanics or so vague as to be worthless. If this is the best place to get information its a damning indictment of what information we can hope to see in the future.