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08.08.2012 , 10:56 AM | #26
As post previously about the boy who cried wolf this seems to be a repost of a promise for greater communication.

But what has been worked on for the last 4 months? When will there be a reason to play the game once you make level 50 such as it being fun to do and not just a grind of hard mode or PvP flash points. When will open world PvP come back and perhaps eqaully importantly how will you make it so its option for everyone and not just people with ranked warzone gear?

When will we see guild, social, solo, crafting, companion or story progression? Does the move to F2P mean an end to full VO? In short rather than tell us there will be more communication what is happening with the game and ultimately from a purely business need why should I log in once I have completed the story?