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One of our primary goals with this is to ensure that new information about the game is communicated as quickly and effectively as possible.
May I politely ask, that what with this new strategy and all, you think about communicating less about the communicating, and more about the game. Let's start with a few things we would like concrete answers to, outside of the whole F2P FAQ I assume (and hope) is being cooked up somewhere:
  • New content expectation, HK, v1.4
  • Choosing specific WZs when queuing
  • Server transfers and legacy merges
  • Fixing identified bugs
  • Ilum
  • Dual spec
  • Longer GTN postings
  • Character customizations (both gear and character model)
  • Companion customizations
  • Minigames

We don't need to hear that you're listening to us. We'll know that you are when we hear what you're doing for us.