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"Now in a position"? Really? So, before, all these times broken bugs have been broken for months at a time (Soa being a fine example), it's because you guys weren't in a position?

Here's another example: Explosive Conflict is broken and you can't complete it right now. Lolwhat? Sorry, but that's pretty inexcusable to make content that many people can do, and many others have on farm, stay broken for over 24 hours. I can't remember off the top of my head the last time I was in a game where existing content stayed broken for over a day in WoW or Rift. This could be rose-tinted glasses I'm wearing, but the fact that it's broken in the only Operation we currently have released in the last few months tends to bother me.
This. this. this. This is where you guys, as OUR community team, need to be hammering the devs for a fix, and standing up for US (the community). Or has everyone with a backbone been let go?

How are we suppose to justify spend $15/month to Op in a few months if Ops stay broken due to a bug introduced by a patch that was not properly tested.
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