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Chiss IA: Sal'exi'nuruodo
Normalized Name: Lexin
Brief Bio: Chiss who was nominated to engage in a relations improving program with the imperial military. He was scouted by intellgence during operations as a scout in the field, noted for taking down targets with speed and silence, as well as his professional manner and lack of attachment.

BH Chiss: Rev'uu'lSabosen
Normalized Name: Vuul
Brief Bio: A member of law enforcement chasing down a criminal that commited crimes against his family and escaped off the Chiss homeworld. Vuul has taken the career bounty hunter to do so. However, his career offworld has gotten the better of him and he's become embroiled in other events. His chase for the criminal will have to continue another time, or maybe he doesn't want to locate the criminal, and return to the career of a lowly law officer.